This dress always requires at least one additional layer in order for me to wear it, since the top is way too low-cut for work, or really for anywhere. But the cut is precisely what makes it great for showing off a detailed neckline, such as the one on this cute little ruffled shirt. So here we have a case of perfect symbiosis: the dress hides the rest of the otherwise ordinary t-shirt, while the t-shirt hides all sorts of things that would be revealed by the dress.

    The other modification I made to this dress was to use this wide obi-style belt to move my waistline down a little. The dress is a classic empire cut, with the smallest part just under the bust, and pleated out from there. This, however, is not my best cut, because the smallest part of me is not around my ribcage, but at my natural waist. Adding the belt extends that smallest section of the dress, flattening the pleats down until they're beyond my smallest section.

    All of this discussion of my obi trick has served to remind me that I've been incredibly remiss in directing you to the guest post about belts that I wrote for Sal's wonderful blog. She asked me to write it many months ago and it was posted at the beginning of June. Oops.

    I should also mention that these are another of the new pairs of shoes I brought home from my Seattle visit the week before last. I had seriously considered this exact shoe last year when I was searching for a pair of brown mary janes, but given the price and my inexperience with the brand I opted not to buy them online. When I spotted them in the shoe store and was able to try them on in person, of course I couldn't resist. And since I no longer needed a pair of brown mary janes, the fact that they also come in burgundy sealed the deal.

    Shirt: H&M
    Dress: Crystal Candy
    Obi: Sunhee Moon
    Shoes: Naot

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