I hope everyone found my Buyer's Remorse posts informative. As you may have noticed lately, I'm trying to add some meatier content to the blog instead of just describing my daily wear. I love all the discussion that gets generated around my more in-depth posts, and many of your comments are very helpful for me as well. I'd love to hear from all of you for suggestions on topics you'd like me to cover, so feel free to stop in and make a request. I've already got one future post rolling around in my head, which is Sal's request for a tutorial on layering skirts. I haven't forgotten, Sal!

    On to today's outfit. I'm going to go out on a limb and state that a drape-neck (aka cowl neck) cut looks great on everybody. They are flattering to larger busts because they soften the look of, well, that big 'ol bust sticking out. The look is sexy without being sleazy, and the cowl also adds a slimming V shape down your middle. But this cut is also great for small busts like mine, because the cowl fills in the gap in between your boobs and makes it look like you've got more up top. I just love this shape, and I'd recommend it for anyone -- provided the rest of the garment flatters you below the bust.

    This outfit is a modern take on a very retro silhouette. Normally I would pair this dress with a contrasting belt, but I wanted to keep this look simple, long and lean. The end result is unfussy, and looks every bit as comfortable as it is. If it weren't for the heels, I would've felt like I was wearing my pj's all day.

    Shirt: Target
    Dress: Skunkfunk
    Skirt: ??
    Shoes: Paolo

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