I felt so very girly in this flouncy sheer dress and soft pink tulle skirt. Even the hat has a soft, fuzzy texture that goes so well with the pretty floral print and feminine color palette.

    This dress is actually quite tricky to style, but I randomly hit upon this combination with relatively little effort. I've attempted to create outfits around it before, but if something isn't working after 2 or 3 tries, I'll put it back in the closet and wait until I'm inspired to give it another shot; that has been the case the last few times I tried to use this dress. It's great to force yourself to try working with those difficult pieces in your closet, but it's also good not to spend so much time on one outfit that you end up too frustrated to ever use the piece again.

    I think what makes this dress troublesome is the shape. The flare of the bottom hem really demands something with some volume underneath, so many of the dresses and skirts I've tried to layer it over don't work. The next time you see this dress it will likely be layered over yet another tulle skirt; thankfully there are 3 more in the closet that I haven't yet paired it with. To see how I styled it previously, click here.

    Hat: Monsoon
    Dress: vintage
    Skirt: Noa Noa
    Belt: import store
    Shoes: John Fluevog

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