I don't wear this skirt very often because it tends to drive me a little nuts. Though I adore all the pleating and volume, I hate the fact that it bunches up on itself and gets stuck around my legs when I walk. I'm constantly fighting with it during the day; just walking down the hallway is a chore, and trying to pee is an absolute nightmare. To show you just how voluminous this skirt is, and how much fabric I have to cope with when I wear it, I did a Kasmira-style twirl for you. That's the remote for my camera there in my hand, in case you're wondering.

    After examining the construction of the skirt more closely, I realized that the problems stem from the underneath layer of fabric, which is not a simple lining but another full circle skirt. The 2 layers of fabric rub against each other and bunch up because both are the same clingy cotton. So after years of owning this nerve-wracking (albeit lovely) garment, I finally figured out that if I just cut out the underneath layer and wear a slip instead, it'll be a lot more bearable. Too bad I didn't figure that out before I wore it today.

    Drape-neck tank: thrifted
    t-shirt: Supermaggie
    Skirt: Sisley
    Scarf (as belt): Express, circa 1992
    Tights, socks: Sock Dreams
    Boots: Fly London

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