I can't believe I was ever unsure about wearing these shorts to work; my outfits with these have consistently been among the most complimented of any I've worn. It just goes to show that the hardest person to please is yourself.

    I love the way all the different shades of brown and black blend together in this outfit. The brown boots are almost dark enough to be black, while the semi-opaque black tights are nearly light enough to pass for brown. The vest and shorts are matching but not: both pieces have the same herringbone pattern, but the scale is different (the pattern is a little bigger in the shorts) and the vest is lighter brown with some thin red lines scattered throughout. This gives it almost the appearance of being a suit while still keeping it interesting. Since I knew I was already mixing 2 shades of brown, I made sure that the remaining brown pieces were all different as well, so that the end result looks intentional rather than haphazard.

    Here are the other ways I've worn these shorts. Which is your favorite?

    Black shirt: Sunhee Moon
    Vest: vintage
    Belt: import store
    Shorts: Mango
    Boots: Bata

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