OK, here's what I'm giving you to work with for my first-ever contest:

    The rules are simple:
    1. Build an outfit inspired by this interior. An example of how I used an interior as inspiration for an outfit can be found here.
    2. Post a photo of the outfit on your blog or Flickr page, or just send it to me.
    3. That's it! You have until the end of April to submit your photo. The winner will receive one of my handmade felt hats (the style I've chosen is pretty much one size fits all). Men are more than welcome to enter as well, though if you win you'll need to send me your size and I'll custom make a men's style for you.

    Now, here's the thing: this contest is judged, not selected at random. I'll be showing the photos (minus any info about you) to a panel of friends, family, coworkers -- anyone I think is unfamiliar enough with the blog not to know much or anything about my regular commenters, fellow bloggers, etc. I'll ask each person to vote for 3 outfits, and whichever one gets the most votes wins. My goal in doing it this way is to really encourage everyone to give it their best effort and get creative, but in order to keep it as unbiased as possible I'm excluding myself from the judging. Use whatever you want in the photo to inspire you: the color scheme, the style, the patterns, whatever. The idea is not to translate the interior literally, but rather to use it as a starting point around which to build an interesting look. If you want to increase your chances, you can submit more than one outfit during the month. Oh, and international entries are welcome! Good luck everyone, have fun and get creative!

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