I tried to buy this dress last year at Banana Republic, but they didn't have any more in my size. Imagine my delight to find it at the Goodwill a few weeks ago for just $7! Though technically it's my size, the dress is actually quite a bit too big, as I discovered this morning when I put it on without the jeans and sweater I was wearing when I tried it in the store. No matter; it'll cost less than $15 to get it altered, which will still be an incredible deal for such a good quality dress.

    I think I might also try overdying this dress as well, perhaps with an apple green. The oatmeal color actually strikes me as being less versatile than a color, since it really only looks good with other neutrals. If the dress was green I could wear it with any number of fun colors -- yellow, orange, navy, purple -- so stay tuned for the evolution of this garment. Better outfits are surely still to come.

    Hat: made by me
    Shirt: H&M
    Dress: Banana Republic (thrifted)
    Brooch: vintage Trifari
    Belt: from a Forever 21 shirt
    Boots: Doc Marten's

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