Ah, at long last -- a comment from one of my coworkers today. I was told that amidst 'a sea of gray and black' I was 'a rainbow.' How lovely! At least one of those nerds notices.

    Today I used the rich burgundy color as a way of toning down the brighter colors. This bubblegum pink skirt has a tendency to look too juvenile if I don't add some modifying elements, and with the graphic tee I was dangerously close to crossing into age-inappropriate territory. At the last minute I also threw in the scarf as another way to make the overall look more mature.

    It occurred to me that today's outfit would do quite well for the contest I've got going this month. So far I have a few willing participants but no actual entries; I'm assuming you're all going to take most of the month to plan your outfit and will spring it on me near the deadline. Don't wait too long though! Get your photos in by the end of the month for a chance to win a handmade hat, which coincidentally would match perfectly with the outfit I have on today.

    Scarf: vintage
    T-Shirt: Gama Go
    Cardigan: American Eagle
    Skirt: Lemon Twist
    Socks: Sock Dreams
    Shoes: Sofft

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