Mr. T

    When I had to put together this last-minute, assembled-in-the-morning outfit I resolved not to default to my standby blue and orange combo. Somehow I just couldn't let go of the orange though, so here it is paired with gray instead. In my own defense, it actually came about because I was wanting to layer a skirt under this dress, and this mod, circle-patterned skirt seemed like the perfect way to add a little springtime flair to the flat gray. Once I had those two pieces together the orange cardigan just made the most sense.

    A found the necklace in a vintage store the last time I was in Seattle, but I have to admit I often don't know how to wear it. I'm no expert at rocking statement necklaces the way Sal is, so there have been several times I've tried to use it and thought it was just too much. I figured with the solid pieces it would stand out but not overwhelm, but just in case, I didn't wear any other jewelry lest I end up looking like Mr. T back in his A-Team days. Yeah, I know Mr. T wore gold, but still.

    By the way, this skirt is actually a little too long to hit at the spot I wanted it to, so I actually wore a second elastic belt underneath the dress to hike the skirt up a little and keep it in place. This made for a very toasty midsection, but my skirt stayed put just above the knee.

    Dress, belt: Red Dress Shoppe
    Cardigan: e-klah
    Skirt: I don't know; the label is gone
    Boots: Mia

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