This beautiful harness belt is one that Mark created recently for the Etsy shop. As soon as I tried it on I proclaimed that whomever tried to buy it would have to pry it from my cold, dead hands, until Mark assured me that he could simply make another one. Determined not to be foiled, I figured I'd better wear it straight away, just in case. Having secured my copy, I can assure you that this belt is in fact for sale, and you need not fear for your safety should you decide to order it.

    The buckles on this belt are the same sort used in making halters for horses. By pairing the belt with the denim dress and boots, I played on the equestrian angle rather than taking this in a bondage-y direction, which might be crossing the line even in my anything-goes work environment. The belt is a deep chocolate brown, which pairs nicely with my well-worn riding boots. As a side note, the belt can also be made in black leather, with either nickel or antique brass hardware, and sized to order.

    Ecru dress: Lady Language
    Denim dress: thrifted
    Pendant: Ice.com
    Belt: Audra Jean
    Boots: Bata

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