Here's another fabulous item from Attila Design -- this 'origami' skirt. The skirt has two threaded channels that allow the length to be adjusted up or down. I had a great time playing around with it; adjusting the length and turning the skirt this way and that to find just the shape I was going for. The skirt is light enough for summer, but will also look great with my tulle skirts layered underneath when the temperatures drop again.

    On a somewhat unrelated note, I recently discovered pettipants (sort of like bloomers) and have found them to be a revelation. Was I the only person on earth who didn't know about these things? They're like a slip except that they're shorts, so they keep skirts from getting caught on your tights and bunching up when you walk (not an issue with this outfit, but frequently a problem for me). I bought some of the silky kind, but I also got a couple of cotton pairs for warmer days when I don't need tights or leggings.

    Top: Susina
    Velvet vest: vintage 90's dug out of my closet
    Skirt: Attila Design
    Boots: Mia

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