A Day at the Races

    No, I did not attend the Kentucky Derby and wear this outfit. But I really should have, shouldn't I? I'm determined to attend next year and make myself a big, gorgeous, and somewhat over-the-top hat for the occasion. In the meantime, this outfit was my homage to spending a glamorous day at the races.

    This is one of the hats I made in my millinery workshop last year. I'd never really given much thought to straw hats, but Wayne's class changed all that. When I realized that parasisal straw is smooth and pliable, that the tight-woven straw is super high quality and durable, and that it comes in about every color under the sun, I was a convert. I originally thought I would reserve this hat for summer weddings and other such occasions, but I couldn't resist pulling it out and giving it its first airing, having been so inspired watching the Derby over the weekend. I currently have a few straw hats up for sale in the Etsy shop if you'd like to see some other variations.

    Cardigan: Noa Noa
    Top: Mica
    Belt: Audra Jean
    Skirt: Ann Taylor
    Shoes: Gabriella Rocha

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A Day at the Races

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