Made in Finland

    The northern European countries seem to have a few things in common: they consistently rate among the top 10 happiest countries in the world, they have an exceptionally high proportion of strikingly beautiful people, and they contain some of the most incredible fashion and design talent in the world. Living up to her country's high bar, Finnish designer Tiina of Attila Design is certainly no exception.

    I contacted Tiina a few weeks ago because I wanted a vest of hers custom made to go with this skirt. But of course while I was poking around in her shop listings I found plenty of other items that caught my eye. Knowing that I still needed more items in the steampunk/neo-Victorian vein that would be wearable at work, I bought this gorgeous little top and a skirt (which you'll see later in the week) as well as the vest.

    As for the custom-made vest, it is truly a sight to behold. Done in a midnight blue silk with olive green trim, it looks beautiful with this skirt, as well as loads of other things in my closet. The vest with this skirt is probably too dressy for work, but I think it would also look adorable even with jeans, which I might just be able to pull off for an office ensemble. I'm sure it won't be long before it makes its debut on the blog, either as part of a work outfit or for an after-work outing.

    But let's talk about this outfit for now. Normally I don't think high-waisted bottoms look all that great on me, because the waist sits above my smallest section, which is just above my hips. Without any color contrast at the natural waist, my figure ends up looking boyish. But in this outfit, all the ruffles at the shoulders of the top and the hem of the skirt add volume to my upper and lower halves, which counteracts the straightness of my torso. The ruffles of the top are removable, and in the back the ends of the ruffles are free, like little wings. Plus the coral-y pink is such a flattering color, soft and feminine without being garish.

    Tiina has loads of other wonderful things in her shop, and she was really sweet and wonderful to work with. It was such a fun experience to get a truly custom-made piece; my only concern is that she may have ruined me for 'ordinary' clothes forever!

    Top: Attila Design
    Jacket: thrifted
    Skirt: Skin Graft
    Shoes: Bobbi Blu

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Made in Finland

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