Against The Rules

    Here's an old garment that has had new life breathed into it. This floral minidress started out as a romper back in the early 90's, with me as its original owner. I remember purchasing it at Express back when they were still a fairly new chain, and I remember it being one of my favorite things to wear. After I decided that it was out of date and no longer wearable I still couldn't manage to part with it, so I packed it away in a dress bag and stashed it under the bed. Last month I thought it'd be fun to pull out that collection of clothes and see if anything could be restyled; among those old things I found this and another floral romper, plus the velvet vest I wore a few weeks ago. After well over a decade they suddenly looked wearable again, albeit with some modifications in the case of the rompers.

    I got the idea to turn this into a dress from Erin over at Work With What You've Got. She did the same thing with a romper and it looked so cute I had to give it a try myself (it was actually her post that prompted me to brave the dust bunnies and pull the dress bag out from under the bed in the first place). Sure, I know it's against the 'rules' to re-wear a trend you sported the first time around, but hey, the trend back then was rompers, whereas this is a dress. And there's nothing exclusively 90's about floral dresses, now is there?

    Also, I'm pretty damn stoked that I still fit into the same things I wore when I was 22. If that's not reason enough to break the rules, what is?

    Silk shirt: thrifted
    Romper: Express
    Tights: Sock Dreams
    Boots: Fly London

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Against The Rules

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