Corporate T-Shirt Challenge

    Yesterday we had an unofficial "Wear Your Company T-Shirt To Work" day. Now, I work for a company in which it's perfectly acceptable to wear T-shirts to work EVERY day, so for most people this really isn't that big a deal. But since T-shirts are not part of my normal repertoire, I was perfectly willing to just ignore the whole thing and pretend I'd forgotten it. However, on my way out on Tuesday evening I just happened to run into my boss, who just happened to casually mention something along the lines of, "If anyone could make a giant, boxy T-shirt look fashionable, it would be you." My ego and my pride both being at stake, I decided to accept the challenge.

    So here is my effort. I actually didn't have any corporate T-shirts in my possession, since the ones that have been distributed since I joined the company were all huge enough to pass directly on to my stepdad, so I had to 'borrow' one from a coworker. She thankfully gave me full license to modify it as I saw fit, so I cut out both the sleeves and the neck. In order to give it some shape, I paired it with skinny jeans and a belt. It might not have looked very fashionable, but at least it was more flattering.

    Hat: A gift from Kimberly
    Drape-neck shirt: Sunhee Moon
    Scarf: Ralph Lauren
    Arm warmers: Sock Dreams
    Belt: thrifted
    Jeans: Joe's
    Boots: vintage

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Corporate T-Shirt Challenge

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