Lindsay Lohan released from rehab to make outpatient therapy

    Lindsay Lohan will play troubled pornstarn Linda Lovelace in "Inferno" directed by Matthew Wilder

    -What were your initial meetings with her like?
    -Matthew Wilder: Lovely. My sense was of someone very shy. Very, very soulful. Someone who has a lot of feelings that just spill out very easily. What I remember most from that first meeting was that I ended it by doing this kind of jive handshake and she said, "You're so ghetto, I love you." Very sweet.
    Lindsay Lohan in "Machete" photoshoot

    -Since so many people form an image of Lohan from her tabloid appearances, what sorts of things would you want people to know about her from your working relationship so far?
    I think she is a giant. And I think time and movies will bear that out. As someone who has marinated in seventies movies all his life, I think I can say Lindsay has a quality that you see in the great actresses of that period--Sissy Spacek, Shelley Duvall, Tuesday Weld.Tuesday Weld Some of the grit of Linda Haynes or Linda Manz. A feeling of life that has been lived, and a really expressive instrument. Just bookmark these words, time and movies will show, in ten years, someone who is really at the top of her game. She will be around when a lot of the little cupcakes who are flavors-of-the-month right now are gone". Source:

    Suglasses: Ray-Ban.
    Jeacket: Givenchy.
    Belt: Hermès.
    Bag: "Birkin", Hermés

    "Lohan must remain in Los Angeles County and comply with random drug testing twice a week, participate in psychotherapy four times a week and meet with counselors five times a week.
    The order came after Lohan was released from inpatient therapy at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where she stayed for 22 days". Source:

    Lindsay Lohan Behind The Scenes 'Cameo Stars' Commercial

    "Lindsay Lohan was released from the UCLA Medical Center Tuesday night after spending 23 days in the court-mandated rehabilitation center.

    Judge Marsha Revel originally ordered Lohan to serve 90 days in the center, but according to TMZ, doctors "felt Lindsay should be released from the facility immediately."

    Revel is no longer a part of the Lohan case, and a new probation status hearing is scheduled for Wednesday; Lohan is not required to attend.
    The medical report from UCLA shows that the actress was misdiagnosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder and was given Adderall; the report also shows that Lohan was not addicted to cocaine as previously suspected."
    Lindsay Lohan in Maxim September 2010 by Matt Jones

    Lindsay Lohan by Ellen von Unwerth (August 2010)

    Ellen von Unwerth made this fun short film when she was shooting Lindsay Lohan for Vogue Italia's August 2010 issue. This video is from Vogue Italia's amazing site:

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Lindsay Lohan released from rehab to make outpatient therapy

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