Angela Featherstone replies to Jake Weird

    Angela Featherstone and Ben Stiller as Jess and Steve Arlo in "The Zero Effect" (1998)

    Noir’s classic period began with the pulp magazines and novels of the ‘30s and films of the ‘40s and ‘50s, and ran its course in both media by the early ‘60s. But its presence and influence continues to be felt as writers and filmmakers reinvent and re-energize its forms, tropes and characters to explore these fertile if dark regions in more contemporary or even futuristic settings.
    Valerie Stulman and Jessi Sundell Cramer each examines gender dynamics in noir, and what the treatment of women reveals about the fears and assumptions of the time; while Vicki Barras Tulacro takes a Lacanian approach to the recurring motif of the split self or doppelganger in noir". Source:

    Angela Featherstone in "Italian Bazaar" by William Garrett

    John Cusack as Vince Larkin and Angela Featherstone as Ginny in "Con Air" (1997)

    Jake Weird: -Angela, Are you happy about what type of roles have you been playing and how they have evolved throughout your career?
    Angela Featherstone: -"Yes! i am so happy! for along time i played whatever tough roles i could get- i was lucky- i got to play some great characters both drama and comedy- i just get rolling- practicing- and about 5 years ago i knew i was ready to go to the next level- my dream has always been to play the strong roles written for women in their 40's, 50's and 60's like Martha in 'who's afraid of virginia woolf, nurse ratchett in 'one flew over the cookos nest' and kim stanleys role in 'the goddess' 2005 i played the title role in the movie 'mother' it was there i felt my career really began- despite working for almost 12 years prior to that. to say i am so happy with the roles i have had in the last 5 years is an understatement and all the roles before that were a gift and my training ground ♥
    Extra tidbit: Angela Featherstone's appearance in HUGE tv series will be in the episodes on 23rd August and 30th August 2010

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Angela Featherstone replies to Jake Weird

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