Jennifer Aniston: "the great catch of all time"

    Jake Gyllenhaal and Jennifer Aniston at GLAAD Awards 2007

    “When the noise went on perhaps a little too long (he was, after all, there to present to his The Good Girl co-star Jennifer Aniston), the ever charming Jake said to the crowd: “Settle down. Settle down. Settle down cowboys…[then there was a chorus of female shrieks so he added]…and cowgirls apparently.” ANISTON'S FRIENDS: She gave Gyllenhaal a very long and heartfelt hug then they did a little slowdance on stage".

    Jennifer Aniston (Kassie Larson) soundbytes at the premiere of "The Switch" at Arclight cinemas in Hollywood, Ca USA August 16, 2010 Jennifer Aniston Interview at "The Switch" Premiere

    "Wally (Bateman) is her neurotic, honest-to-a-fault equities analyst BFF whom she packed off to “the friend zone” years ago. Wally is the first person she tells her plan to. He’s against it. But since he has a gift for “not being able to say what you need to say when you need to say it,” he can’t confess his true feelings.

    On a street corner, a homeless guy with Tourette’s has Wally’s number.

    “Beady-eyed little man-boy!”

    Love doesn’t let you “live in a pop song,” Wally narrates. It’s complicated.
    Especially if the woman you crush on picks a “Viking” (Patrick Wilson) to be her sperm donor. Especially if you get drunk at her sperm donor party (Hey, it’s New York. Parties happen.) and switch the samples.
    Her obligatory “wacky gal pal?” — Juliette Lewis, sharp and biting. His pal confessor? — Jeff Goldblum, doing that beautiful, bug-eyed word jazz that nobody does as well.

    “You’ve gotta hide the crazy, at least through the appetizers!”
    Those two pair up so well it’s as if Bateman, doing his trademark snarky passive aggressive patter, is studying at the feet of the master". Source:

    Christine Taylor (Ben Stiller's wife) looks strikingly similar to Jennifer Aniston (also to Lauren Conrad)

    In the episode "The One at the Beach" (1997) Christine Taylor played Bonnie, a girl who flirts with Ross. Rachel and Ross like each each other but then Bonnie turns up. Rachel convinces Bonnie to shave her head and tells Ross about her feelings. Ross and Rachel tell each other that they're still in love and they kiss.

    "I can't even write this without laughing, it gives us several glimpses of Bonnie, the voluntarily bald chick. And let's be honest, a bald Christine Taylor is always worth a laugh"

    Ben Stiller played Jennifer Aniston's school friend/solicitor
    in "Along Came Polly" (2004)
    Ben Stiller called Jennifer Aniston during the promotion of "Along Came Polly": "The Great Catch of All Time", he also said: “Her personality is so wholesome, which is part of her appeal, but she's beautiful too” and he confessed it was a good experience filming the racy scenes: “It was kind of traumatic for me (doing the nude scene in ‘Along came Polly’, but Jennifer was great. She was very supportive and looked straight ahead while holding my hand as we walked off down the beach together". Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller at the 8th Annual Project A.L.S. "Tomorrow Is Tonight" benefit.
    "Stiller’s wife, actress Christine Taylor, played his love interest in Zoolander and his antagonist (a lawyer who helps block his scheme to drive a rival gym out of business) in DodgeBall. Of course, Ben had even higher praise of his better half “She’s awesome,” Stiller says, “and a lot funnier than she lets on.”
    William Shatner greets Christine Taylor (holding Ella Olivia) and Ben Stiller at the 14th Annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show on May 1, 2004 in Burbank, California.
    Ben Stiller takes son Quinlin Dempsey to the school in Glendale, California, January 2009

    The couple’s two children, Ella (8) and Quinlin (5), seem to have inherited the showbiz gene as well. “Ella has a director’s personality,” according to her dad. “When she’s playing, she has a great imagination, and she likes to tell you what she wants you to be. She likes to get a laugh too.” As for Quinn: “He does everything Ella does.” Source:

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Jennifer Aniston: "the great catch of all time"

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