Emile Hirsch talks Congo's conflict minerals in Bill Maher show

    Emile Hirsch in the Congo expedition.

    TreeHugger: Did Emile Hirsch give you any good Into the Wild quotes at perfect moments as you're scaling this thing?

    Kenna: You know, Emile was the last person to be able to come into the climb. He went in Justin's stead. But he was the most avid. He was the first person to go and get his own gear. He was at REI checking out the proper stuff to have on top of what we had from First Ascent. He really went above and beyond to figure it out.

    He was reading Into the Air. He was "the guy" on the climb. He was like, "Into the Wild my ass." He was seriously going above and beyond to be prepared. And I think he really didn't have as much to say about it, he just seemed to be a little more focused than all of us. And he actually is one that had some significant issues on the mountain, which will be in the documentary on March 14th on MTV. (That was my plug, by the way). Source: www.treehugger.com

    Their on-air interview covered World Water Day and mountain climbing, but during the Overtime segment of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, actor Emile Hirsch took the opportunity to make an impassioned pitch for conflict minerals advocacy. Hirsch, who traveled to eastern Congo in 2008 with Oxfam, has been closely involved in Enough’s RAISE Hope for Congo campaign.

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Emile Hirsch talks Congo's conflict minerals in Bill Maher show

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