Edgar Wright analyzes "Scott Pilgrim" trailer

    "For some, casting Michael Cera as the hip Scott Pilgrim was something of a leftfield choice. But, Wright argues, that depends entirely on your reading of the character:

    Wright: What's brilliant about him is that he's the ultimate underdog. I remember reading once someone saying Chris Evans should play Scott Pilgrim. To me, it's much more satisfying and amusing to see Michael fight Chris Evans rather than a Chris Evans-type fight Chris Evans. Michael being a flaming sword-wielding bad-ass is the ultimate wish fulfilment, to me. Michael's perfect and by him coming from a more naturalistic place, it makes his transformation into bad-ass more satisfying.

    One of the most Manga-rific shots in the teaser.

    Wright: When I draw storyboards, they always have lines like this. It's in the books a lot and it's a way of doing it for real. He's wearing a Plumtree T-shirt - they're the band that wrote a song called Scott Pilgrim which is what he named the comic after. Members of Plumtree came down to set and were very pleased that their T-shirt was getting a lot of play.
    Mae Whitman
    Not all of Ramona's exes are male... much to Scott's consternation. Meet Roxy Richter, a half-ninja who can move through subspace, has weight issues and says things like 'Prepare to die… obviously!' Obviously.

    Wright: This is Mae Whitman. She's such an incredible talent. Along with Mary and most of the actors, Mae did a lot of her own stuntwork. She's just incredible. Her fight scene is amazing.
    Inside Scott's Head
    Scott Pilgrim gets it together.

    Wright: It's clearly a gauge inside his head. If you cut Scott Pilgrim's head in half, that would be what's insid
    Here, we meet our heroes - Scott (Cera) and Ramona Flowers, the girl of his dreams (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) - in a beginning that's very much the calm before the storm.

    Wright: I wanted to do a bit of a bag-switch trailer for people who don't know the book. It looks like one kind of thing, it looks like it might be another rom-com. Someone said to me it looks like Juno with Judo, which I thought was quite funny. I haven't thought of a pun on Nick and Norah yet!
    Jason Schwartzman
    Meet the film's big bad - and seventh and final evil ex - Gideon Gordon Graves, leader of the League Of Ramona's Evil Ex-Boyfriends. And snazzy dresser. Which naturally made Wright call for the services of one Jason Schwartzman...

    Wright: Jason's suit looks amazing in it. He's got a G-Man pin as well - a Gideon pin. He's rocking the 70s record producer look. I have a strange mancrush on him. He's one of those guys who ban just fuckin' rock any jacket and make it look amazing. I'm envious of people who can look great in anything. What's amazing is we were trying to get the right kind of parka for Scott and we couldn't find one we liked that much until Jason turned up in Toronto wearing a parka he'd had since he was twelve. He came into a restaurant and Michael said, 'that's the parka!' We found one like it and now Michael has kept his Scott Pilgrim parka. When we wrapped, he went home in it.
    Chris Evans' Eyebrow!
    Evans, just after flinging Scott away like yesterday's bad reviews, cocks his eyebrow and says to Ramona the trailer's best line, "He seems nice". Dude is going to ROCK as Cap.

    Wright: He looks very much like the comic character - that's what we're going for with the haircut and the stubble chin strap and his eyebrows.
    Anna Kendrick, as Scott's sister Stacey, gets the teaser's second-best line. "Maybe next time you don't date the girl with eleven evil ex-boyfriends." "Seven," sighs Cera. "Oh, that's not so bad," replies Kendrick. Stacey's a small role, but the casting of Kendrick indicates the depth of Wright's ensemble.
    Wright: She's amazing. She's got incredible comic timing. I remember Bill Pope watching the dailies and saying, 'man, that woman can talk fast!' She plays Stacey Pilgrim, who's based on Bryan Lee O'Malley's sister, Stacey. They got to meet on the set. And the line is partly based on a line from the books - it's got the set-up from the books, but the punchline is from the script". Source: www.empireonline.com

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Edgar Wright analyzes "Scott Pilgrim" trailer

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