Robert Pattinson doesn't believe in cheating, Kristen Stewart creates new character

    Robert Pattinson on the cover of "Vanity Fair" magazine, April 2011

    -Anyway, the fact remains that it’s mostly about the love story between Jacob and Marlena.“In the beginning, you may think “oh there comes the guy, he’s going to meet the girl and it’ll be love at first sight. Then they’re going to run away together”. But it’s not like this. It’s a more complex story. Jacob falls in love with Marlena, but doesn’t try to bring her with him. She first kisses him and then rejects him, but indeed he accepts her choice. She will always be an extraordinary woman to him, no matter what. Jacob just wants to give and doesn’t ask for anything in return. That’s the best kind of relationship.”
    Still of Christoph Waltz and Reese Witherspoon in "Water for Elephants" (2011)

    EW outtakes of Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon

    -Could you ever have a relationship with a married woman?

    “Life is not black and white. There are married couples that never see each other. Is that marriage? But there’s a thing I’ve never got, that is why do people cheat?”
    -You can’t understand a behavior which is typical of the majority of people nowadays.

    “I can understand the impulse, but not how you can keep two relationship going at the same time for long. This usually happens to people with children, but I can’t really get why a non-commitment guy would choose to date four girls at the same time either. It must be hell, especially for men”.
    -Why especially for men?

    “I think it’s more complicated for men, because somehow they have to “provide for” their women. I’m not talking about money support, but about enthusiasm: they have to cultivate the relationship. Doing it with more women at the same time would be very hard, a real work.”
    - Are you saying that because you’ve already tried?

    “I’m not the casual-affair kind of guy. If I choose to be with someone it’s because I really want it. When I have a relationship, I’m 100% into it. If I felt like seeing more women at once then I wouldn’t go around saying “this is my girlfriend”.
    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in "Twilight" saga

    - So you do not believe in cheating. And what about the until-death-us-do-part love, like the one in movies?
    “My mother was 17 and my father was 25 when they met, they’re still together and look very happy. I’ve grown up believing that you can stay with the same person throughout your life". Source:

    Stephenie Meyer poses on stage at the Breaking Dawn Concert Series at the Nokia Theatre (Times Square) on 1st August, 2008 in NYC

    "Fans, says Meyer, can expect a surprising performance when star Kristen Stewart transforms from human to vampire.
    "She's created a new character. I was really impressed," says Meyer. "I've only really seen her as (the human) Bella so to have her step up and change it in the right way — she didn't have to talk to me. She knew. She knows the character so well now. She has really good instincts and, she looks amazing." Source:

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Robert Pattinson doesn't believe in cheating, Kristen Stewart creates new character

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