Duncan Jones talks about Source Code and Judge Dredd

    "While director Duncan Jones is in the middle of post-production on his latest feature "Source Code", he has enough time to sit down and chat about his career thus far. He's received critical acclaim for his wonderful work with the 2009 film "Moon". Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell in "Moon" (2009)

    If you were fluttering around the Internet at any point early this year, people claimed that the feature did not get the Academy praise it deserved.

    Well, Jones is back on the science fiction scene again with "Source Code".
    On Set photos from Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal and
    Michelle Monaghan on 15th March 2010

    Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan shooting "Source Code" at Millennium Park on 9th April 2010 in Chicago, Illinois

    The upcoming production stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier who wakes up only to find himself inside the body of a commuter who ends up witnessing a horrifying train explosion. Jones lets us in on when we should expect the tale to be out.

    Well, I think it is safe to say that the film will be out early next year. My edit is complete, and we are working hard on visual effects, choosing a composer and trying the film out on a few people just to see how it goes over.
    During the conversation, one of the things brought up was another film that Duncan is signed on for called "Mute". However, nobody really knew that at one point in time Jones could have been holding in his hands the script for a "Judge Dredd" movie.
    I would have loved to do the Judge Dredd movie that is underway. I was in fact sent the script to look at. Its a great script, and I hope I will not rue the decision of passing on it. Thing was, I had such a strong idea of what I wanted to do with a Dredd movie, I could not bring myself to take it on and not do it my way! ... and it's not like I could do it as a sequel either; my Dredd would have been really weird, and dark and funny, but not your traditional introduction to a hero character. I don't even know if I could have made my version of the film pitch-able. It was maybe too off the wall". Source: www.latinoreview.com

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Duncan Jones talks about Source Code and Judge Dredd

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